Tilting tank mixers

Tilting tank mixers

Beldani tilting mixers are entirely made of stainless steel, ideal for processing meat, vegetables, cheese, fruit and any other type of food.

In some cases they are also used for non-food substances.

They consist of a robust body to which the double cradle mixing tank is hinged. In the tank there are two shafts with intersecting blades that allow the mixing of the product.

This type of mixer differs from the other types in that it unloads the processed product by overturning the tank, thus allowing the total recovery of the raw material in a very short time.

This process allows the product not to heat up, thus maintaining the quality and characteristics intact.

Furthermore this system makes the washing of the tank simple and quick.

All tilting kneaders, at the customer’s request, can be equipped with a control computer that allows to memorize and control the times and processing methods, managing the different functions and mixing programs via touch screen, making work much easier and increasing daily productivity.

The mixers guarantee a complete, effective and delicate mixture in a very short time, therefore they are particularly suitable for large and medium-sized meat processing companies.

Being used for a very delicate part of the process, Beldani mixers are equipped with the most effective safety systems on the market, thus ensuring a relatively low risk of injury. The tank can in fact be closed by a cover equipped with a micro safety switch, designed to interrupt the operation of the blades in the event of opening during operation.

The individual components that make up the tilting mixers can be easily removed, which facilitates washing and guarantees a high standard of health in the workplace.

Furthermore, they are easily replaceable in case of failure.

All tilting mixers are also available in the vacuum version and with CO2 injection.