Industrial meat grinders

The Beldani meat mincers are designed to work fresh or semi-frozen meat and the various sizes allow you to cover the needs of small craft businesses up to those of the largest industries.

Blocks of frozen meat can be shredded even at very low temperatures.

In addition to meat, cheese, vegetables and many other types of food can be processed.

The meat mincers can mount different combinations of plates and knives, thus allowing the fast modification of the type of ground.

The interchangeable cutting system also favors a better cleaning of the machine, reducing the time associated with changing the format.

All parts of the mincer can be quickly dismantled, allowing quick maintenance in the event of a fault.

They are solid and compact machines and ensure a clean and constant cut of the product.

The grinding takes place practically in the absence of heat development, thus maintaining all the initial qualitative characteristics of the product, thus saving problems linked to the increase in temperature.

On request they can be equipped with a bone or cartilage separator system that excludes all those hard parts that are present in the meat.

Beldani meat mincers are made entirely of stainless steel and meet the highest safety standards.

They can be used individually or inserted in automatic production lines.

They can be supplied with fixed or variable speed of the propellers and knives according to the customer’s needs.

This allows greater accuracy in the processing of the products.

All the mincers, at the customer’s request, can be equipped with a control computer that allows you to memorize and control the times and processing methods, managing the various functions via touch screen, greatly facilitating the work and increasing daily productivity.

Being used in a very delicate part of the process, the Beldani meat mincers are equipped with the most effective safety systems on the market, thus ensuring a relatively low risk of injury.