Mixture production line

Production lines

Transportation systems in the food industry are constantly evolving both in terms of safety and efficiency.

In fact, materials that are always better and more and more suitable for contact with food are used.

Conveyor belts are common devices in modern companies as they automate the production process by reducing the time and the relative costs of the products.

In recent years, thanks to automatic transport systems, manual work has been significantly reduced.

Beldani supplies conveyor belts of any size, suitable for transporting any type of product.

Specifically, the belts made are suitable for the food industry, but can be studied according to the customer’s needs.

Some types of tape are used to elevate the products on top of the machines if they are loaded from the top.

The tapes can be equipped with devices that detect the weight of the product, in the eventuality of having to supply the data to an automatic labeling machine or due to the need to discard products that do not comply with precise directives relating to weight.

They can also be equipped with metal detectors, able to detect the presence of metals in products with the clear intention of being able to discard those that contain metals.

Other options may include the insertion of spices or other products along the production process.

Anything related to the conveyor belts or lines can be supplied individually or our technical department will be able to offer you the best solution for complete automated lines designed specifically to respect your spaces and your needs.

Our lines are built with the most suitable materials and meet the best safety standards.

All our conveyor belts and our automated lines can be disassembled quickly, allowing fast maintenance in the event of a fault.

They are also designed to be easy to clean and do not require routine maintenance.