Industrial mixer for food

Products Beldani Industrial mixers and meat mincers for food

Beldani offers a large selection of industrial mixers and industrial meat mincers for the food industry. Beldani mixers are suitable for mixing foods such as meats, vegetables, cheeses, pastries and others. They guarantee complete, effective and delicate mixing of products in a very short time. Beldani mixers can uniformly homogenize different types of material: crumbly, viscous, certain flowable materials. Especially suitable for large and medium-sized meat processing enterprises.



Tipping industrial food mixer solve the usual problem of having to manually remove the mixture from the mixing bowl. This device lifts the mixer and dumps the dough into a special collection container.


This equipment differs from the other types as they unload the product frontally. Due to its high efficiency, it is the best option for producing various mixture.


Beldani are convincing due to an absolutely clear cut. They are easy to clean and meet the highest hygiene requirements.


The equipment is ergonomic and enables easy transfer between the different appliances.

All industrial mixers are made of high quality stainless steel, with a double shaft of elliptical appearance with a propeller in the shape of a fan blade. A system of intersecting mixing blades keeps the product, original color and quality of the product. Seamless welding without gaps, as well as sturdy construction of the frame and stainless steel hopper make the machine reliable and durable. Beldani mixers can be equipped with a vertical loader for complete automation.

Modern and extensive experience in each of the sectors of the food industry is a source of inspiration for the entire work of the Beldani product development team and the services offered. Constant innovations coming from all divisions serve to improve the working methods of the entire enterprise.

Good efficiency

Easy to operate and clean

Automatic program, less labor required

Long durability

Can ideally work with various materials

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